Birthdays with a Narcissist

In my experience, any major event with The Narcissist was stress inducing… holidays, anniversaries,¬†and most definitely birthdays. Over the years that we spent together the impending doom of this birthday month became something that created so much stress and anxiety for me. It became one of the many hoops that I had to jump through […]

What a Difference a Year Makes!

If you haven’t read it already, I highly encourage you to go back and read about The Christmas Tree Incident… which was for all intents and purposes the breaking point for my marriage to The Narcissist. That event happened just about this time last year. From where I stand today, it feels like a different […]

Narc Files: House Hunting

Towards the end of my marriage to the Narcissist I was desperately trying to cement our lives together in any way possible. I was eager to buy a home, settle down, make roots, have babies… anything to provide some stability and solidness to a marriage that felt like smoke sliding through my fingers… like a […]

The Freedom to Cheese

Sometimes I have to laugh at the absurdity that was my daily life… I think it is the ONLY way to get through. The other night while I made a quesadilla for dinner filled with real, delicious, creamy cheese I thought back to a topic that dominated several of my therapy sessions before I moved […]