Veterans and Domestic Violence

81% of  veterans suffering from depression and PTSD engaged in at least one violent act against their partner in the past year. – Dept. of Veterans Affairs Office of Public Health & Environmental Hazards (Jan 2009) Male veterans with PTSD are 2 to 3 times more likely to engage in domestic violence compared to those […]

A Perfect Fit… Right From the Start!

This photo could not be more perfect. The Narcissist returned some of my items that he still had the other night and I have been sorting through all the stuff. He gave me this snow globe for some birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day or other event and I pulled it out of the storage bin busted. […]

4th of July… Now and Then

My first 4th of July post Narcissist was amazing. I spent the day at the beach with about 30 friends and family members. I played with everyone’s babies and kids, I swam in the waves, I drank Sangria, I ate a hotdog, I enjoyed the sunshine, and I laughed and smiled and didn’t worry about […]

Celebrating my Independence Day

D-day is next week. Everything will be finalized. I will never have another reason to interact with the Narcissist again. I am anxious about having to see him but I am happy to finally cross that milestone. So this weekend, I will not be celebrating America’s Independence Day (sorry America, I’ve been paying for your […]