Women’s March

This weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the Boston Women’s March for America, and found the entire experience to be deeply moving.

I’ve been on a kick of empowerment lately which has been awesome – and that is the best word that I can think of to describe participating in the march… empowering! I’ve definitely been a bit depressed since Trump won the election, nothing life altering but just this heavy and looming feeling that today, in my America, we can elect a President to represent us all who has such abusive and bullying tendencies. His election has made me feel like I’m being oppressed by another narcissist even though this one is so far removed from my daily life. This election has made me anxious and worried about the future of our country. The future of my personal rights. The future safety of those I love most in this world.

Getting out and participating in the March made me feel like I was not alone in my suffering. Standing among the nearly 200,000 women and supporters who gathered in Boston was inspiring. Seeing young girls with hand made signs, seeing mothers carrying their babies, seeing husbands and fathers supporting their families, all while we stood together saying “No, we won’t just accept this” was special. There was so much positive energy vibrating from that crowd that I just felt high on the entire experience.

It was also emotional… I cried on several occasions… because I was sad that we got ourselves to this place, because I was inspired by the women around me, because I was happy to be a part of something bigger than me. The entire day was peaceful, respectful, and full of love, and it is an experience that I will never forget.

In a way, this experience was so similar to how I felt finding an online community of people who understand Narcissistic Abuse and Emotional Abuse. I felt stronger knowing that I had others standing beside me saying “this is NOT love… this is NOT okay.” I felt normalized knowing that so many other people had been through similar situations as me… they got me… they knew what it was like to live this every day.

It made me realize that I would love to be able to visualize this community the same way as standing in a crowd of 200,000 people! I would love to see what our creative signs against Narcissistic Abuse would say. I would love to hear what our rally cry would be, and what our speakers would yell to us from the stage. I would love to be able to look you all in the eyes and say “I get you… I understand you… and I stand beside you” the way I was able to do this weekend.

So in my own virtual way… I am here standing beside you, marching with you, fighting against the abusers who have tried to smother out our light. Thank you for standing beside me… I am certainly stronger because of all of you. ❤

11 thoughts on “Women’s March

  1. I marched in Kentucky! What an incredible experience. My only regret was not making signs for Family Court Reform. I have a feeling this is not going to be the only protest. Hitting up family court for overhaul and change is, in my opinion, one place narcissism can be controlled. It’s out of control right now as narcissists use the courts to further abuse.
    I think we should use this opportunity to bring narcissistic abuse to the forefront. It permeates everything for grandiosity is the basis for racism, sexism, domestic violence, ableism, homophobia, you name it.

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    1. Psycholobitch, yes!! Thank you for marching! I was lucky in the sense that my Narcissist was already moving on and was excited to discard me. We didn’t have children or property so I got through the process mostly unscathed. I cannot imagine dealing with all of those added layers and/or a Narcissist who doesnt want to let go. ❤


  2. That’s awesome! I had a few friends marching here in Atlanta and in New York.

    As far as signs for a narcissist march, mine would say “Projection is the Narcissist’s Reflection”, “Stop Writing and Reading Your Own Press Clippings” or “We’re Just Not Into You”. LOL

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  3. I love this, your blogs have really helped me in dealing with my own narcissist, it really does help knowing there is a virtual community out there that have been through similar situations, thank you for your blogs and your inspiration keeping me stronger than I would be alone

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  4. I am so happy to have found your blog! I began mine recently and have been writing away! I was drawn to this post because I marched too and it was an incredible experience!! I am echoing all the comments but many I too have felt particularly down during this administration. To live with a narcissist and then deal with this behavior and attitude from the “leader” of our country is becoming unbearable!

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    1. Synclairwrites, welcome and thank you for reading!! I too am struggling with watching and listening to a Narcissist who ultimately has some sort of control over my future. It is taking some work to remember that I still have power in this situation! ❤


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