Beware of Vultures

It never ceases to amaze me when the Universe sends me messages or reminds me of things exactly when I need them. It happened this weekend when I was missing the Narcissist and I flipped open my copy of The Alchemist and realized that the forward is the story of Narcissus. The realization that the […]

The Freedom to Cheese

Sometimes I have to laugh at the absurdity that was my daily life… I think it is the ONLY way to get through. The other night while I made a quesadilla for dinner filled with real, delicious, creamy cheese I thought back to a topic that dominated several of my therapy sessions before I moved […]


We filed our uncontested paperwork back in April and finally had our court date this morning. I have been anxious for the past few days leading up to this and I’ve been having nightmares. I don’t know what I was really expecting… but I wasn’t expecting to actually have to stand up in a court […]

4th of July… Now and Then

My first 4th of July post Narcissist was amazing. I spent the day at the beach with about 30 friends and family members. I played with everyone’s babies and kids, I swam in the waves, I drank Sangria, I ate a hotdog, I enjoyed the sunshine, and I laughed and smiled and didn’t worry about […]