Celebrating my Independence Day

D-day is next week. Everything will be finalized. I will never have another reason to interact with the Narcissist again. I am anxious about having to see him but I am happy to finally cross that milestone.

So this weekend, I will not be celebrating America’s Independence Day (sorry America, I’ve been paying for your under appreciation of a Vet with PTSD for far too long!)…..I will be celebrating my Independence.

My independence from someone who could never appreciate all of the wonderful things I have to offer. Someone who never appreciated all of the time, money, sweat, tears and love I poured into him. Someone who saw me as a mess that needed to be fixed, as a problem that needed to be solved, as an ends to the means of feeding his ego. Someone who controlled my life from who I could interact with to what I could eat. Someone who moved on to his next victim within 30 seconds of me moving out. Someone who still has no idea what he had.

I am free to be me, I am free to be happy, I am free to find love… and that is freaking awesome! 🙂 ❤

5 thoughts on “Celebrating my Independence Day

  1. ” Leaving only to arrive”- Congratulations to you and your permanent partner of freedom. I wish you continued good strength and courage, and that your new journeys and adventures nourish you in the best ways!

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  2. Good luck with that final meeting! Are you taking someone along with you to ensure a buffered space between you? And someone to ensure you can safely leave after everything is said and done? Be safe and take care of yourself … and congratulations on this closing paragraph to a pretty grim chapter in your life.

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