Why a Narcissist Spoils You: “Love Bombing”

My Narcissist was VERY good at ‘spoiling’ me and it has taken me a long time to see how these actions were never actually about me and giving me what I needed or what I wanted. While you may feel special throughout the Love Bombing stage, the sad reality is that every single thing that a Narcissist does serves them somehow… it is NEVER about you.

Every single thing was a way to manipulate me or shape me into the person that he wanted me to be to fuel his ego. In the very early days, shortly after we first met, the Narcissist went hot and heavy with the gifts, special treatment etc.

  • 2 days after our first date, he used the address on my business card to send me an elaborate flower arrangement to my office. He hand selected the flowers from a high-end florist and wrote a sweet and sappy note on the card.
  • While I sure felt special and spoiled and the center of attention – the Narcissist’s underlying motivation for doing this was the let my entire world know that I was off the market. It fed his ego to hear about all of the comments I got from co-workers about his flower arrangements, all of the other women who said – “oh he’s a keeper!” 
  • A few weeks into our fast and furious relationship, I was on a business trip in San Diego. Right before I came home, the Narcissist worked with my sister to get into my apartment. He covered my bed in rose petals, and left me a stack of gifts… which included several boxes of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, and a diamond necklace.
  • Again, I felt like I was in a scene from a cheesy chick-flick and could not believe that this was real life. I had never been given diamonds from a man I was dating let alone a man I was dating for 2 weeks. The reality is that the Narcissist wanted me to wear something from him all of the time so that I had another outlet to talk about him and how great he was and signal to everyone that I was his. He also wanted me to wear the lingerie… duh. 
  • Before he left for his deployment (and only 8 weeks into ever knowing one another) the Narcissist surprised me with a weekend getaway to a romantic bed and breakfast in a resort destination nearby. He pulled out all the stops, he ordered a cheese plate and champagne for us, he had chocolate covered strawberries, he had planned food and drink and music, and he had bought me a special lingerie outfit to wear for the occasion. To top it all off, the Narcissist presented me with a diamond infinity wedding band on our trip. He essentially ‘proposed’ to me by asking me to be his, and be faithful and be waiting for him to return from his deployment. We spent the weekend having crazy sex, going out to fancy dinners, shopping downtown, and acting like we were on our honeymoon.
  • How could any red-blooded female not feel drunk in love in a situation like this?!? Of course the ring was self-serving again… it yelled to the entire world that I was engaged or married, and he requested that I wear it on my wedding ring finger. (He actually got offended when I first slid it onto the other hand.) This was right before he was about to leave me on my lonesome for 8 months, so of course he wanted to seal the deal! 

Throughout this time period, the Narcissist bought me more things than I can even remember… A new laptop with a webcam (you know, so we could have virtual sex the entire time he was deployed), new clothes, sex toys, lingerie, more flower arrangements and edible arrangements (always sent to my office), jewelry, makeup, spa appointments… you name it. If it was going to make me look better, benefit him sexually, or let the world know that I was in a committed relationship – he did it.

The most ironic part of it all, and the part that I desperately tried to ignore at the time… is that during ALL of this love bombing… he was still married to his first wife. He was still sharing a checking account with this woman. The poor thing was probably expecting flower deliveries or gifts from Victoria’s Secret that never arrived!

He literally gave me a ring, while he was still married to someone else. He wrote off the whole being married thing by making himself the victim (something that this Narcissist is VERY GOOD AT.) He explained how his wife cheated on him multiple times, how he was the perfect angel in their relationship, how mean and angry she was all the time, how he never really loved her but married her because he felt obligated to. He explained that they had been living separate lives for the past year, that all they needed to do was sign the paperwork and ship her back to America.

I found out years into our marriage that this was only the partial truth of the situation. While his wife had a relationship with someone else, he had cheated on her – 3 times in fact, all while he was on deployments or trainings… which made me the 4th other woman in his first marriage. I have no idea who cheated first, or if she ever really did cheat at all. He also confessed to me that when he went home for that 1 week before his deployment… he had sex with her, multiple times… while I was wearing his ring.

It’s interesting how when you look back on things with a fresh perspective you can see things for what they really are. I shouldn’t be surprised with the Narcissist’s quick attempts to dive into another relationship with someone young and naive… I shouldn’t be surprised that hes doing some of the exact same things with her that he did with me… and I should expect that he has written me off as the crazy one. I’m absolutely sure that he is telling his next target that he is the victim and that we led separate lives for long, that I treated him terribly, that I never loved him the way he deserved and shoot – he’s probably accusing me of cheating on him.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, or if you are in a situation like this now… look into “Love Bombing.” Narcissists are not the only ones who use this technique! I have included a few articles below that I found very helpful.

Love Bombing: A Seductive & Manipulative Technique

Love Bombing – When It’s Too Good To Be True

5 Ways to Disarm a Love Bombing Sociopath

18 thoughts on “Why a Narcissist Spoils You: “Love Bombing”

    1. Wow. He sounds so familiar to the narcissist who did the same to me. I bet it is the same guy… He was in the military. Met him in San Diego before he headed out on deployment. We carried an on and off online pinpal relationship for 10 years. He also reached out to my sister to find certain things out so he could buy me gifts. He spoiled me. Very expensive, elaborated gifts to make others see him as an amazing guy. Most of the gifts were carefully customized by him. All he would do is talk about himself and love when I fed his ego. He’d buy me shoes, watches, clothes, electronics etc.. and wanted to have sex with me/send him racy nudes/videos. He groomed me in ways where I ended up breaking up with my on and off again boyfriend and wanted to be with him exclusively. He asked me a question one day about him marrying me. I jokingly called him a liar because we’re just online friends. He got somewhat defensive and told me he’d never date someone like me and that I’m in my head about him. He made me feel awful. I cried about it. He later swept that entire conversation under the rug and started spoiling me again and being nice which made me want him so bad. Litterally worshipping him so that he’d want me again too. He would video record his dad saying nice things about me to make me feel even more special. We’d talk all day. But I started realizing that he was emotionless. I would reach out to him when things were terrible in my life and needed an ear since I had no friends. He was so emotionally unavailable and detached. He only wanted to talk about himself or oral sex on me. I later figured out that all this time, he was manipulating me, showing heavy narcissistic personality disorder behavior. I had to go no contact on the same day he bought me a gift. He knew I was going through a lot with my past relationship and my family. He saw me when I was completely vulnerable and added me to his supply. I’m glad I now know better! Thank you for the great article!


  1. Omg! This is my exact story. My narc also sent a big package to my office after our first date. He had these photos he taken enlarged and frame. He was also always dropping off flowers at my apartment, like two, three times a week. I later realized that it wasn’t about me–but him. He wanted people see what a great catch I had. I recently wrote a piece about it for DivorcedMoms.com that you might like to check out. http://divorcedmoms.com/articles/5-reasons-it-was-easy-for-me-to-be-taken-in-by-a-narcissist

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    1. Great article Jordan! It infuriates me that the ‘love-bombing’ can woo even the smartest of us into falling for these men! It’s crazy to think that most of us have been so love deprived in relationships that we fall for this stuff so easily!!


  2. ” He explained how his wife cheated on him multiple times, how he was the perfect angel in their relationship, how mean and angry she was all the time,”

    O yes. My female friend’s narcissist STBXHusband did the same to her. Told the world and friends she is cheating (meantime he is cheating). Its all about them..

    “He was still sharing a checking account with this woman”
    I was wondering where he got the finances for all this, now we know. Weird , my friend’s narc also lived off her.

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  3. Oh love bombing. I got a cookie bouquet and fancy nights out. Told me I was the love of his life and no one ever treated him so well. He was always the victim of his ex’s.
    Fast forward and now I’m the one that supposedly cheated even though he was the one constantly caught talking to other women and abusive. I don’t know if he ever physically cheated but I wouldn’t be surprised. He started dating his new victim at least within 2 months of me saying I wanted a divorce so we were still married and still has a joint checking account. Saw expensive flower gifts and such for her on the account. I’ve seen her Instagram because a friend told me she was bashing me on it(there’s a lot of posts of how he’s the victim of my abuse and how she will always love him and never do those things to him). And lots of pictures of him love bombing her and doing the same things he did with me. It’s a weird thing seeing all the bullshit from the outsiders view. The engagement ring he got her is way over the top and I have a feeling it’s also being used to manipulate but oh well! Not my business and I just feel sorry for the girl but it’s still weird how clear the bullshit is. (Sorry for the long comment!)

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    1. It really blows my mind how similar our stories all sound!! Are we all dealing with the same Narcissist here?!? I wish I could put a warning label on all of them so that the next victims do not need to learn the hard way. Thanks for sharing, and leave as many long comments as you want!! 🙂

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      1. Sometimes the new victim deserves it, because she was talking about me if I was the bad one in his story. Like they said above. It is always the ex who did it to him.
        I heard the same stories about his ex too. That she was cheating on him etc. I was so wise not to say anything to him or to his ex about her, but still I was so stupid to stay with him for over 30 years. 😖

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  4. This actually made me burst out crying… EVERYTHING is identical nearly… I’m so humiliated…. he’s now telling people it is “i” the crazy nasty one…. I wish the worst for him… wasted my TRUST & £ roll on the divorce – I will DANCE that day!!!!!!

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