Random Memory: The Blowdryer

While I was at the hairdresser’s today I remembered…

The Narcissist kept our $200 blowdryer and I had to go to Target and buy a $50 one.

In the crazy moments things like this seemed so normal, and now I look back thinking WTF?!

I’m sure his hair looks fabulous.

8 thoughts on “Random Memory: The Blowdryer

  1. I lost so many clothes and personal items from my divorce. I got my laptop back…broken. He refused to send me my things “on his dime” even though it was in the divorce papers to send me back my things. I ended up having to pay for my broken laptop being sent to me. I eventually just told him to donate everything because I knew I would never get back what I had asked for. At that point the divorce was final and I just wanted to end any contact.

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      1. I was ok with it. I knew it was his last attempt at controlling me. He wouldn’t sign the divorce papers for 3 months and kept delaying it. He somehow took me off the joint bank account and car insurance without me and I hadn’t filed for divorce yet. Was furious I took half of our tax return(which was in the divorce papers) from our joint bank account and we legally were still married. If I would had tried to get my things back it would have been a nightmare and I just wanted out.
        You are tough just for getting out! It’s hard and I commend you for it!

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  2. I often think about starting a ‘Sh*! My Ex Did’ type Twitter or blog – I’ve got some crazy stories, and I’m sure everyone else does too!! I had things stolen, broken, defaced – so many memories. 😛

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